For Mom

Losing a loved one is always difficult but when it’s your mother and she passes away way to young…well, it just seems harder. Mom past away 5 years ago, she was strong, beautiful, and way...


Yesterday I read a blog post by Tom Fidgen entitled Do Nothing. In it Tom reflected on how we need to take time to just sit and well…do nothing. I have thought a lot about that post since then, I like...
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A table from Crate and Barrel doesn’t have a story.

I realized today that I have not posted anything on here since last September!  Life has been busy and I talk about most of what I am working on in the MWA Podcast.  I have always had the idea that this...
Lock Miter Master Jig

Lock Miter Master Jig

When making boxes I use a number of joinery methods depending on the look that I want.  The joinery most often ends up being part of the design and look that I am trying to accomplish.  Dovetails give...
Doll High Chair

Sometimes a Little Girl Just Needs a New Seat for Her Doll High Chair….

    This summer has been busy as normal and my time in the shop has been limited.  This past weekend I attended Fine Woodworking Live and had a great time.  One of the best things about doing...
Humidor Custom Built

End Grain Locust Cigar Humidor

  Outside of my dad’s shop up in North Carolina is a couple of Locust boards around 8” wide, 3” thick, and probably 6’ long.  They are so weathered that it’s hard to tell what kind of...
Carter Bandsaw Guides

New Band Saw or Rebuild the Old One?

I have an old 14″ Delta band saw that has been in my family since I was a kid.  It is an ok saw, but resawing was impossible.  It was just accepted that this was an old saw and never going to...
Chisel Cabinet

Chisel Cabinet Video

One of the best ways to stay productive in the shop is to be organized.  I for the most part do a good job on keeping my shop clean and in order but seem to struggle with keeping my chisels organized,...
Woodworking Shows

Renewed Energy and Great Friends

  This past weekend The Woodworking Shows were in Atlanta.  I spent the entire weekend at the show talking to people at the Modern Woodworkers Association booth and have to just say WOW.  Last year...
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Blue Spruce Mallet

Blue Spruce Mallet

This past October I had a chance to visit Pasadena, CA for Woodworking in America West 2012. Myself and several other of my fellow Modern Woodworkers Association members went out to see the show and run...
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