As a third generation woodworker, creating has always been a passion of mine. There is nothing better than getting an idea and then through knowledge, skill, and a little trial and error seeing that idea materialize in front of me for others to enjoy.

The purpose of starting this blog is to support three things that I love: woodworking, writing, and education. I believe it is important to pass on the knowledge we have and the knowledge we have been taught to others. So that traditions will be carried forward and knowledge passed from one generation to the next.

Here I will share stories of my experiences and tips that I hope will help in the readers own woodworking. I do not claim to know everything and always strive to improve my own knowledge. Questions, comments, personal experiences, and tips are welcome and encouraged from anyone wishing to post or e-mail

I look forward to sharing and learning with all of you,

Christopher Adkins


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