Dear Sweetie

On Saturday I came in from the shop and went upstairs to see what my wife was doing. She asked if the floor had dried downstairs as she had just mopped. When I went back down I realized that I had tracked sawdust all over her freshly mopped floor. This made me start thinking about what a woodworkers spouse has to go through on a daily basis and decided to write this letter as a spoof. Hope you enjoy.

Dear sweetie,
I just wanted to write you this letter to tell you that I love you unconditionally and I hope you feel the same way. I thought that it might be time to write and tell you that I am sorry for the way things have been going lately. Yes, you have swept and dusted the house twice a day trying to keep the saw dust out but you know I would help if only I didn’t have so much work to do out in the shop/garage. And I promise to wash your car next weekend but I am sure it would stay much cleaner if you would simply park outside in the driveway. But I promise I am going to get the dust under control soon as I only need one more part for the dust collector. I know I said that last time but I know it will work right this time.
As for waking up the baby last night, well I am not blaming you but maybe putting her room right over the shop/garage was not your best idea. I am pretty sure if you could have used our master bedroom as the nursery, she would not have heard the planer running and really it was only a little after 10pm. If you are still intent on leaving her room where it is maybe we could get her used to sleeping with a TV on in her room, I am sure that would help get her used to the noise.
I am really sorry about your sister’s wedding but I had to start the finish on the project before we left. I know you were embarrassed but who would have known you need to wear gloves when wiping on that mahogany dye? Luckily it only covered my hands and I only touched my face once.
The great news is that after only 2 months of work I am almost finished. We have all made sacrifices but trust me when you see this project with its intricate dove tails, inlays, and perfect finish you will understand and know that it was worth it. I know I have kept what the project is a secret until now but I will go ahead and tell you to start looking around the house for some of your favorite trinkets, just make sure they will fit in something let say the size of a shoe box, but I know you will love it.
Always considerately yours,


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