Drafting Desk 2

Last week I talked about the drafting desk that I am currently working on. I have made a lot of progress and now have all of the parts made and partially put together. Over the weekend my wife and I went up to North Carolina to spend Easter with our families. I took the opportunity to work in my fathers shop a little. If any of you read my blog “Old School v. New School” I spoke about how I grew up working in his shop but now have adapted my style around the space I have available at home. The last piece of the table I needed to make was the top so I decide to take advantage of the 24” planer while I was there.

After finishing the top I spent some time just looking around. Writing on this blog has made me spend more time thinking of the experiences I have had. Looking around I was amazed at some of the tools I took for granted that I have always had access to. I would love to write an entry based off of my father shop sometime.
This week I plan on putting the rest of the parts together and prepping everything for finish. I must say that finishing has always been my weak point and I am going outside of my realm of comfort on this project and trying a combination of dye and stain. The project is made of White Oak, I am using a Mahogany water based dye with an Early American oil based stain over it and finishing with a wipe on poly. I have made several test boards and like the results, so I am excited about getting started.
I will post more soon on my progress.


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