Drafting Desk 3

I have finally finished the woodworking part of the drafting desk and am now ready for the finishing. I believe it turning out pretty well.

I do have a funny story about putting the top together. I have said before that usually work on larger boards up at my fathers shop in North Carolina. I decided to make the top up there as it would be easier to make and my wife and I were driving up for the weekend from Atlanta anyway. I had all of the boards for the top jointed and the biscuits cut when I realized that I didn’t have any glue. My father said that he would borrow some from a guy next door who also builds furniture. After finishing and getting back to Atlanta I notice a few days later that the boards were coming apart! I called my father and he said that as he was walking out the door with the glue the guy call out to not use the glue below forty degrees, dad just ignored him thinking the Elmer’s wood glue he always used seemed to be okay even below forty, but it seems this one was not. I am still not sure what kind of glue it was but it reminded me of the old saying to never go on a hunt with an untried firearm. I ended up just making another top but I did lose time in having to redo it.

I will start applying the dye this weekend and will post more with an update on how things are coming.

Also check out my podcast which can be listened to directly from the site or search High Rock Woodworking in itunes.


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