Hand Saw Challenge!

Alright, so as I have said before I do consider myself a hand tool user but still use my power tools, mainly my band saw.  But as I mentioned a few post back hand saws are not my strong point, but as they say practice makes perfect.  I posted a video of a jig last week that I made to help in keeping my saw aligned along with a video, it was my first shot a posting a video on my blog so I was pretty proud of that but the hand sawing needs a little work, so I have decided to challenge myself over the next 30 days to cut 10 cuts a day with my hand saw.  I will video some but not all to show my progress.

I have spoke with many woodworkers online and off that are like me in that they will cut a few hand cut dovetails just to say they have but leave rip, cross, and tenon cuts to the table saw and most often not because that is they way that they like doing it but because they just don’t feel comfortable with a hand saw.  So…..if you fall into this same category or just would like to see if you can improve on your already brilliant skills then I challenge you to take this challenge with me and lets work on improving together!

Lets start cutting!


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