Lets Bring Our Online Community Together

Those that follow along on this blog know that along with several other woodworkers here in the Atlanta area we have been meeting over the summer for some camaraderie and a chance to share our woodworking experiences.  After we finally made the decision to formalize the meet up and come up with a name, it made me start to think about why I just didn’t attend one of the other woodworking guilds in the area.  Well the fact is I feel that I already belong to a woodworking club as part of the online community.  I have made many friends from not only here in Atlanta but all over the country and even other countries at times.

I realized that our local meeting were something more, not just local woodworkers getting together but a chance for the online woodworking community to come together.  Not only online but through get togethers wherever we are.

I have started another site for the Modern Woodworkers Association because I want this to be something more.  At the new site you will find information about up coming events as well as pictures and highlights from past events.  A few other friends of mine are already working on setting up groups in there areas and will be posting on the site also.  My hope is that we can have small groups set up all over and be able to share in what we learn from each other.  How cool would it be if we could bring the local groups together and show up in force to woodworking shows across the country!

I will still post about the MWA on this site and pictures occasionally from our meetings but I will primarily post information regarding the Modern Woodworkers Association on its dedicated site, this blog will continue as it has to follow my woodworking and hopefully occasionally spread useful knowledge but also be an instrument for my only path though woodworking.
Other Modern Woodworkers Event contacts:
Dyami from The Penultimate Woodshop for events in Long Island
Tom from Tom’s Workbenchfor events in FloridaFor more information about the Modern Woodworkers Association visit http://modernwoodworkersassociation.com or send me an e-mail at highrockwoodworking@gmail.comAs always keep on woodworking!Chris Adkins



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