Live Edge Coffee Table – Finished


A while back I posted about a live edge oak table that I built years ago.  The top needed some work due to movement, there were several deep cracks and the to top was uneven.  In the last post I flattened to top and installed bow ties to help prevent the cracks from splitting further.

I finished the top by applying several coats of epoxy to fill in the cracks and voids.  Having little experience with epoxy, I made the mistake of applying to much for the first coat.  This created more work in removing the build up.  On the following coats I made sure that I filled the cracks but smoothed the surface as much as I could.

In the original state of the table I left the edges on corners sharp.  With two little girls running around the house I decided that now was a good opportunity to round everything out, first for safety, but in the end I believe that it aesthetically more pleasing also.

The table was finished with 5 coats of oil, reassembled on the wrought iron base and ready to come back into the house.  The table looks much better and should have no problem lasting for many years now.

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As alway… be safe, learn something, and have fun!



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