Hand Forged Chisels

One of my most prized possessions is a set of hand forged chisels that were given to my father.  I was still a teenager at the time, but could appreciate there quality and ability to hold an edge.  Much of my early learning was behind the handle of those chisels.  After moving away from home, each time I would return and spend time in our shop I would hunt these chisels down.  They were often buried  in boxes full of router and drill bits.  Dull from whatever someone that came across them decided they would work well for and have bits of glue from use as scrapers.  But they were never lost, dad always made sure to keep track of them.  He loved them just as much as me.

One weekend last year while visiting dad, he gave me the chisels knowing that I would always keep track and take care of them.  I spent some time cleaning them up and sharpening.  I was amazed at how wonderful they are now that I can sharpen even better and am more experience in using them.  They have always been special but now they are a great tool that I use constantly in my shop.  So much so that they are always on my bench.

I didn’t know a lot about the chisels other than they were given to dad from a family that he did some work for.  I remember them well and still have a set of kitchen knives that they gave us one year.  I knew the chisels were made by there son but never met him or even knew his name.  I asked dad about him a few months ago and then did some research…it is amazing the power of the internet.  I found what I thought was him and e-mail him, it turned out to be the same.  His name is Phillip Baldwin, he runs company called Shining Wave Metals.  They specialize in  laminated metals and alloys, very cool site with some beautiful metals.  It was great hearing from him and he remembered making the chisel set.  He is a very talented blacksmith and I am honored to have the tools in use in my shop.

One last thing, after I mentioned to dad that I spoke with Phillip, he remembered that we also had a small pry bar made by him.  I had almost forgot about this tool.  It is hand forged also and made of titanium…talk about a tough pry bar.  There are barely any scratches on it although it has had 20 years of use, amazing.

Be safe, learn something, and have fun!


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