Does your woodworking habits change with the seasons?


As a hobby woodworker I find that my own woodworking changes very similar to the seasons.  I am not referring to my style of woodworking but this to changes as my own skill and knowledge grows, and no matter who you are you should always continue to try and improve and grow.  Instead what I am referring to is the amount of time that I spend in the shop and as I have watched this over the years I have discovered that there is a pattern.  Each year there is a constant battle for my time between family, work, and my woodworking.

A lot of my work as a building contractor tends to start right after the first of each year.  For a few months I tend to be completely focused on getting new projects out of the ground.  Then once things slowed back down I am right back into the shop with renewed effort which lasts until late summer.  Then family vacations and work bog me back down and the shop starts to collect dust again…and unfortunately not saw dust.

Now we are getting back into cooler weather, the holidays are coming up but it is time for me to start spending more time in the shop again.  Last night I spent a few hours and it felt great!

Blogging, my involvement with the Modern Woodworkers Association, and social networking help to keep me for totally getting away from the show and my woodworking but there are definitely periods that I tend be more productive than others.  Thinking of this makes me wonder if others have similar patterns?  So let me know your thoughts on this.  Do you stay motivated all year? Do you also have patterns of productive and non productive times?

Be safe, learn something, and have fun!


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One Response to “Does your woodworking habits change with the seasons?”

  1. Kyle Heon
    November 16, 2012 at 5:41 pm #

    Same here, it’s easier to get in the shop when spring/summer time work keeps me outside.

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