Old Woodworking Books… That are Still Relevant

Hear we are for the second year of Get Woodworking Week.  Last year my good friend and fellow MWA admin Tom Iovino of Tom’s Workbench started Get Woodworking Week as a way for woodworking bloggers to help promote woodworking and come up with ways to get new woodworkers involved.  Last year was a huge success and we are all really excited about an even better week this year.

As we have been approaching this week I have been contemplating what my contribution would be.  As it turns out I stumbled on it by chance, like most of us I am constantly trying to find more material to read and learn about woodworking.  While looking for more books I discovered that there are a lot of books in the public domain that can be downloaded for FREE!   The link in the previous sentence explains much more about what public domain books are but it is basically anything with a copyright before 1923, these are available to pretty much do anything you want with them.  There are many books on basic hand tool skills, design, and period furniture.

One of the most interesting things I discovered was that many of these books were from the early 1900′s and used for school shop classes.  We all know that woodworking has been around as long as people have been able to hold tool but it still amazes me that the techniques taught in these book are completely relevant today.


Here are a couple of sites that I found that these public domain books can be downloaded:


Project Gutenberg is great as it has almost anything from poetry to woodworking and you can download in many formats, I tried different searches and found lots of great woodworking and design book from the early 1900′s.



If you want to not have to dig around yourself Evanfall Studios has put together a collection of over 200 woodworking related educational books from the public domain.



If you know of any other great resources such as this let me know and I will be sure and add it here.





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