Yesterday I read a blog post by Tom Fidgen entitled Do Nothing. In it Tom reflected on how we need to take time to just sit and well…do nothing. I have thought a lot about that post since then, I like most am going all of the time, so how do I stop…well honestly I don’t. But what I can do is small things like this morning when I headed out to run I left the headphones at home and just enjoyed the morning sounds.

After my run I was standing in front of our downstairs vanity mirror that my wife and I had made not long after we were married.  Across the top is says “Cherish the day and relish the night”, with statements around the boarder of Read Books, Grow, Explore, Create, Dream, Take Walks, Cherish Family, Reflect, See the World, and Sleep Tight. We had this mirror made along with a custom dinning room table from a company called Sticks, the build everything from furniture pieces to sculptures. The woodworking doesn’t have fancy joinery but they are well made and sturdy, what really sets Sticks apart is the finish they use…it’s like nothing you have seen. They entire piece is covered with pictures, designs, words, and vibrant colors.

When we ordered the table and mirror we chose words that represented what we wanted our marriage to be. So what I realized is that if I just stop and look those quite moments of reflection are already around me, I just need to look and listen.

Check out Sticks they have some great artist and a very cool twist on the woodworking we love.



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