Dragon Box 7

Dragon Box

One of the things I enjoy most about woodworking is designing and making something for someone else.  I freind of mine is a very talented tattoo artist name Matt Greenhalgh of Only You Tattoo.  Matt...
Mud Room Bench

A Simple Doll House Table…or Maybe not

Like most of us I have a tendency to over do things. A few months ago my wife asked me to build a table to hold our daughters doll house. My intent was just to build something quick and easy. So this...

MWA Podcast Episode #21 – Woodworking New Year’s Resolutions

Show Notes for Episode #21: After being with us since episode number 2, and being the technical lead behind this wonderful innertubecast, Nick Roulleau has left the MWA. We wish him the best in his woodworking...
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MWA Podcast Episode 20 – Special Guest Chuck Bender

  Things online that piqued our interest Google Launched the “Communities” in google+ which looks like it will be a great place for topical conversation, like forums, and social sharing, like...
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MWA Podcast Episode 19 – Andy Chidwick

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Black Bird Carving

Chainsaw Carving?

As many of you know, I spend a lot of time up in western North Carolina where my family lives.  We visit about once a month and about a year ago a place up in the north Georgia mountains caught my eye. ...
Marking Gauge

Need a Marking Gauge? Build Your Own!

I love using marking gauges but have never been completely satisfied with the selections on the market.  My Veritas is great for certain applications by the fence is not wide enough when I need an accurate...

Does your woodworking habits change with the seasons?

  As a hobby woodworker I find that my own woodworking changes very similar to the seasons.  I am not referring to my style of woodworking but this to changes as my own skill and knowledge grows,...
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MWA Podcast Episode 18 – Special Guest Todd Clippinger

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MWA Podcast Episode 16 – Shop Talk Part 2: Power and Lighting

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