Reinventing the Wheel or the Moxon Vise at Least

One thing about the online woodworking community you notice after being around awhile are trends.  Projects, tools, and techniques tend come in waves, and the current wave washing up is all about benches...

Lets Bring Our Online Community Together

Those that follow along on this blog know that along with several other woodworkers here in the Atlanta area we have been meeting over the summer for some camaraderie and a chance to share our woodworking...
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Modern Woodworkers Association

Todd Hyman, Aaron Marshall, Chris Adkins, Bill Akins As many of you know a group of us Georgia woodworkers have gotten together a few times over the summer and had a great time.  It is a great...
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Shooting Board Video Demo

Alright, for a while now I have wanted to start posting more videos and did post a short video a while back.  I love writing and personally I read many more blogs than I watch videos but I also understand...
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Shooting a Shooting Board

Those that follow this blog know that I am a hybrid woodworker but also that I tend to lean toward handtools.  Given this fact it puzzles me that I have not built a good shooting board or bench hook...

Fall is Here!

Well we are finally getting to my favorite time of year….Fall!  Summers are just to hot and way to much going on to have much time to spend in the shop.  I tend to miss a lot of woodworking time...
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Greene and Greene Hand Plane Set Part II: Finished!

For those who have followed my progress on the Greene & Greene style hand plane set, I have finally finished.  In the last post I had finished putting together the last two of the three planes and...

Bessey Revo Jr. Review

First I would like to say thank you to Bessey for allowing myself and a few other of my fellow Wood Whisperer Guild members to participate in the testing of their new product the Revo Jr. I have now...
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Trey Makes Jenna a Bookstand

One of the things I have enjoyed most about writing this blog and staying active in social networking with other woodworkers is the chance to get to know, learn from, and hopefully share some of what I...
Treadle Driven Planer

Treadle Driven Planer….???

I spent this past weekend with my wife and daughters up in the mountains of western North Carolina where I grew up.  It is always an enspiring experience for me and a note book is always on...
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