For Mom

Losing a loved one is always difficult but when it’s your mother and she passes away way to young…well, it just seems harder. Mom past away 5 years ago, she was strong, beautiful, and way...
Doll High Chair

Sometimes a Little Girl Just Needs a New Seat for Her Doll High Chair….

    This summer has been busy as normal and my time in the shop has been limited.  This past weekend I attended Fine Woodworking Live and had a great time.  One of the best things about doing...
Humidor Custom Built

End Grain Locust Cigar Humidor

  Outside of my dad’s shop up in North Carolina is a couple of Locust boards around 8” wide, 3” thick, and probably 6’ long.  They are so weathered that it’s hard to tell what kind of...
Chisel Cabinet

Chisel Cabinet Video

One of the best ways to stay productive in the shop is to be organized.  I for the most part do a good job on keeping my shop clean and in order but seem to struggle with keeping my chisels organized,...
Slate Milk Paint Table

Izzi’s Table Finished – Milk Paint

A while back I wrote about building a table to hold my daughter Izzi’s doll house on.  You can read more about the build here: A Simple Doll House Table.  The build was a fun one day project that...
Dragon Box 7

Dragon Box

One of the things I enjoy most about woodworking is designing and making something for someone else.  I freind of mine is a very talented tattoo artist name Matt Greenhalgh of Only You Tattoo.  Matt...
Mud Room Bench

A Simple Doll House Table…or Maybe not

Like most of us I have a tendency to over do things. A few months ago my wife asked me to build a table to hold our daughters doll house. My intent was just to build something quick and easy. So this...
Black Bird Carving

Chainsaw Carving?

As many of you know, I spend a lot of time up in western North Carolina where my family lives.  We visit about once a month and about a year ago a place up in the north Georgia mountains caught my eye. ...
Marking Gauge

Need a Marking Gauge? Build Your Own!

I love using marking gauges but have never been completely satisfied with the selections on the market.  My Veritas is great for certain applications by the fence is not wide enough when I need an accurate...
trestle table

Jack’s New Table

A friend of mine at work has a chocolate lab, Jack, he comes to our office everyday and has become a sort of mascot for our company.  Last Feburary Jack was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder called...
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