MWA Podcast Episode #23 – Megan Fitzpatrick

  Show Notes: Current/Future project description Tom’s Bandsaw Box Building Pinewood Derby Chris’ Dollhouse Table Blog post that piqued our interest St. Petersburg Woodworkers Guild Matt...
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MWA Podcast Episode #21 – Woodworking New Year’s Resolutions

Show Notes for Episode #21: After being with us since episode number 2, and being the technical lead behind this wonderful innertubecast, Nick Roulleau has left the MWA. We wish him the best in his woodworking...
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Black Bird Carving

Chainsaw Carving?

As many of you know, I spend a lot of time up in western North Carolina where my family lives.  We visit about once a month and about a year ago a place up in the north Georgia mountains caught my eye. ...
Hand Forged Chisels

Hand Forged Chisels

One of my most prized possessions is a set of hand forged chisels that were given to my father.  I was still a teenager at the time, but could appreciate there quality and ability to hold an edge.  Much...
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trestle table

Jack’s New Table

A friend of mine at work has a chocolate lab, Jack, he comes to our office everyday and has become a sort of mascot for our company.  Last Feburary Jack was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder called...
LIve Edge Coffee Table

Live Edge Coffee Table – Finished

  A while back I posted about a live edge oak table that I built years ago.  The top needed some work due to movement, there were several deep cracks and the to top was uneven.  In the last post...
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Holly 2

The Giant Holly Tree

  Last week my dad called and said he was going to look at a Holly tree in a guys yard.  The outer limbs had already been cut off and all that remained was the trunk.  He sent me a picture of the...
Walnut Bow Tie

Live Edge Coffee Table

There is a coffee table that sits in my living room that I built years ago.  The slab is from a tree cut from my dads, I believe it is a Chestnut Oak but not positive.  The base is wrought iron that...
Iron Sharpening

Hand Sharpening….by Hand

A few days ago I came to a realization, I prefer to sharpen by hand.  Growing up I learned to sharpen knives by hand on a water stone.  We didn’t use jigs, just a knife and a stone.  After much...
Shop Lighting

Lighting Upgrade

My shop like many of you is in my garage.  The main issue with this is that most garages are not made to host our shops that have power and lighting needs above a standard place to just park the car....
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