Does your woodworking habits change with the seasons?

  As a hobby woodworker I find that my own woodworking changes very similar to the seasons.  I am not referring to my style of woodworking but this to changes as my own skill and knowledge grows,...
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Manual Training For The Rural Schools

  I found the article below which is an excerpt from a book called Manual Training For The Rural Schools.   It was published in 1916 and as the title says was for rural schools to use as instruction...
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Wooden Mallets


Last weekend I finally finished up my leg vise for the Roubo bench.  For the leg chop I used Walnut and had a few scraps left over, not wanting waste and having to many scraps of wood already…....
Hand Forged Chisels

Hand Forged Chisels

One of my most prized possessions is a set of hand forged chisels that were given to my father.  I was still a teenager at the time, but could appreciate there quality and ability to hold an edge.  Much...
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Holly 2

The Giant Holly Tree

  Last week my dad called and said he was going to look at a Holly tree in a guys yard.  The outer limbs had already been cut off and all that remained was the trunk.  He sent me a picture of the...
Iron Sharpening

Hand Sharpening….by Hand

A few days ago I came to a realization, I prefer to sharpen by hand.  Growing up I learned to sharpen knives by hand on a water stone.  We didn’t use jigs, just a knife and a stone.  After much...
Shop Lighting

Lighting Upgrade

My shop like many of you is in my garage.  The main issue with this is that most garages are not made to host our shops that have power and lighting needs above a standard place to just park the car....
Shop Class

What Happened to Shop Class?

This week is the first annual Get Woodworking Week set up by my good friend Tom Iovino of  Often we talk about traditions and how we would like to have them carried on and this week...

How Do You Measure?

Over the weekend I spent a few hours in Woodcraft with fellow MWAmembers after our monthly Atlanta meeting.  As usual, I migrated to the hand planes isle and couldn’t help but notice on the other...

Shooting a Shooting Board

Those that follow this blog know that I am a hybrid woodworker but also that I tend to lean toward handtools.  Given this fact it puzzles me that I have not built a good shooting board or bench hook...
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