Old Woodworking Books… That are Still Relevant

Hear we are for the second year of Get Woodworking Week.  Last year my good friend and fellow MWA admin Tom Iovino of Tom’s Workbench started Get Woodworking Week as a way for woodworking bloggers...
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Holly 2

The Giant Holly Tree

  Last week my dad called and said he was going to look at a Holly tree in a guys yard.  The outer limbs had already been cut off and all that remained was the trunk.  He sent me a picture of the...
Iron Sharpening

Hand Sharpening….by Hand

A few days ago I came to a realization, I prefer to sharpen by hand.  Growing up I learned to sharpen knives by hand on a water stone.  We didn’t use jigs, just a knife and a stone.  After much...
Shop Lighting

Lighting Upgrade

My shop like many of you is in my garage.  The main issue with this is that most garages are not made to host our shops that have power and lighting needs above a standard place to just park the car....

Chalkboard in the Workshop?

A few months ago while walking around in Home Depot, I noticed that they carry chalkboard, dry erase, and magnetic paint.  My wife and I had been doing a lot of work to our 4 year old daughters room...
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Shooting Board Video Demo

Alright, for a while now I have wanted to start posting more videos and did post a short video a while back.  I love writing and personally I read many more blogs than I watch videos but I also understand...
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Shooting a Shooting Board

Those that follow this blog know that I am a hybrid woodworker but also that I tend to lean toward handtools.  Given this fact it puzzles me that I have not built a good shooting board or bench hook...

Hand Saw Challenge!

Alright, so as I have said before I do consider myself a hand tool user but still use my power tools, mainly my band saw.  But as I mentioned a few post back hand saws are not my strong point, but...
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Hand Saw Cross Cut Jig

I must admit that although I constantly use hand planes and could not live without one in the shop, I rarely use hand saws.  Part of this is to be honest because I don’t use them a lot and...

Tips on Starting a Woodworking Blog

I am constantly amazed by the number of woodworking blogs out on the web. A quick search around or flipping through the woodworking tags on a site like Stumbleupon reveals more reading material than...
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